Pre Landing Services

Pre landing Services

Moving abroad is a dream and need of many people today. However, it includes complicated process with hefty paperwork and criteria to be fulfilled. Therefore we are here to make the process a lot easier. Our Visa services have been widely optimized to ensure that the whole journey becomes trouble-free and easy.

• Dedicated counseling to help clients choose from the diverse visa options according to their needs. We have a specialized team of counsellors who offer extensive information regarding the whole steps that are essential to follow.
• Offer professional guidance about the specific occupation in the target country
• Comprehensive information about the country
• Prepare client to adjust in the new environment which is usually a tough task
• Airline ticket booking to arrange your travel through the most suitable and economical airline. We also advise on the luggage that should include the basic things according to the requirements of the new place.
• Prepare resume by following the international employment format as set by the companies