Degree or Diploma with Experience

If you have been a resident visa holder for a few years and can show proof to continue living in the target country, you can submit Permanent Resident visa application so that you can live and work abroad permanently and can come and go from there without any further problems.

Benefits of PR

With permanent resident visa, you can:

a. Work, study and live in the country.
b. Travel to and from the country at any time as per your preference.
c. Add your spouse and kids under age 24 in your visa application.
d. Free education for kids.
e. Healthcare and retirement benefits.
f. Visa free travel.

Facts to keep in mind

a. If you will have to travel, your PR visa should be in an authenticated passport. You may have to submit application for PR visa transfer to a new passport
b. Non-principal clients cannot submit application for PR visa before the principal applicant unless exceptional case

Immigration rules keep changing and new options are added in a short range of time. We offer several options in permanent residency visa such as long term visa for applicant, his partner and kids. This visa can be changed into citizenship in many cases such as skilled based, sponsored immigration, employer based immigration, investment and work permit.

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"Degree or Diploma with Experience"