Post Landing Services

Post landing Services

After landing in your dream country, what you will do? Where will you stay and your accommodation? You will get the answers of these questions in the post-landing services provided by our professional immigration consultants. The services are offered to every client whether a student, new immigrant, business person, investor or any. In these services, you will receive a social insurance number, permanent resident card, driving license and health card.

Right before your journey to the destination country, we start the job to prepare our clients, and guide them to improve their education qualifications and earn professional skills that are needed to immigrate in the destination country. Additionally, the Employment Readiness Course (ERC) includes the job culture, get prepared for the employment and work rules in the overseas countries.

Modern orientation modules are designed by our experts to guide you about how to live in the new country, adapt to its social life, culture, banking, health and life insurance, travelling and several other things. We would assist you in meeting your objectives through our wide experience and professional management with our excelled post-landing services.