New Zealand

Enclosed by the lap of nature, New Zealand is one of the cleanest countries in the world with natural and exotic life in addition of energetic livelihood and tempting working environment in the diverse markets established by the dedicated government. Brillient consultant offers a range of supreme immigration programs that help people to land in New Zealand for study, work or permanent residency. We help you thoroughly in receiving immigration visa for New Zealand with global settlement options. Our vast team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of the immigration and visa processing help people to qualify the whole criteria for immigration process in the shortest time length. We help you get visa for:

Skilled Migration

New Zealand government has designed a new migrant class specifically for expert group of people who can contribute in the growth of industrial and commercial sectors. The selection procedure is very flexible and only a few processes are conducted to invite the skilled persona to work in the country.


This visa class is for those people who look for business opportunities in New Zealand. You will find the following types of New Zealand business visa:

Investor visa: It is for those who want to invest their capital in New Zealand. They get a permission to receive permanent residency in the country after meeting the eligibility requirements.

New businesses: The skilled people who look for grooming their business in New Zealand can get work permit under this visa option.

Moving business: In this visa type, people are allowed to move to New Zealand as an entry level employee of business.

Student Visa

New Zealand is a beautiful and one of the best places for students who look for study overseas. The country has high rates universities and colleges. Additionally, the students can work for part time while completing their degrees to become eligible for permanent resident.

Work Permit

Skilled professionals can easily get visa to work in New Zealand for the industrial and economical growth of the country. There are several companies in New Zealand that attract skilled persona to work for them in case of lack of local professionals. Additionally, people who seek to get permanent residency in the country can also start from work visa.

Family Visa

If you are a family member of a New Zealand resident and your age is 24, you can get family visa to become permanent resident of this country.